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If Starbucks can pretend it's fall so can we! Check out some of our fav fall beauty trends!

With the changing leaves and cooler temperatures, our style if ready to evolve from tan lines to pumpkin spice! Fall 2023 brings a wave of new hair and beauty trends that include new staples that are here to stay and timeless classics. From captivating hair colors to makeup that tells a story, this season is all about embracing your unique beauty while staying in tune with the latest trends.

1. Cowboy Copper: While I' ve never seen a cowboy with copper hair, copper and red tones have always been a hit during the fall months! This warm and rich hue combines shades of reddish-brown with hints of deep copper, creating a multi-dimensional look that complements a wide range of skin tones. Now remember, with great cowboy copper hair comes great responsibility, and just like trends change, so do seasons! Make sure you and your hairstylist are on the same page about your hair throughout all the upcoming seasons!

2. Effortless Updos: With September and October being the new wedding season it's only appropriate we add some of our favorite updo trends! Be on the lookout for timeless classics with a twist this season! French twists and high ponys are all the rage, but with added texture! As well as textured buns and more effortless ' i just threw my hair up' styles.

3. Latte makeup: ** Bid farewell to the sun-kissed summer glow and rosey cheeks and say hello to the "Latte" look. This look is all about the eyes! Think warm browns and caramels for the eyes with pops of gold in the inner corner and a softer base on the skin! Achieve a more velvet complexion with soft matte tones for your foundation, blush, and a subtle highlight.

4. Face Framing Highlights: ** Hair highlights are getting a fresh twist with face-framing accents. These strategically placed highlights add depth and dimension to your hair, drawing attention to your facial features. Opt for shades that are slightly lighter than your base color for a subtle yet impactful effect.

5. Nail Art Stories: ** Nail art becomes a canvas for self-expression this fall. Instead of uniform manicures, experiment with abstract designs, negative space, and even mini illustrations on your nails. Each nail can tell a unique story, reflecting your personality and interests.

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