Gel Dryer



Express Manicure (30 min)

Shape, buff, and polish

From 22

Sport Manicure (30 min)

Soak, shape, remove cuticles, hand and arm massage, and buff nails to a

high shine (no polish)

From 25


Spa Manicure (45 min)

Soak, shape, buff, cuticle removal, scrub, hand and arm massage, masque with hot towels, and polish

From 35

Specialty Deluxe Manicure (1 hour)

Soak, shape, buff, cuticle removal, scrub, hand and arm massage, masque with hot towels, paraffin treatment, and polish

From 45

Children's Express Manicure (15 min)

12 and under: shape, buff and polish

From 15

Mellow Moon Manicure (1 hour 15 min)

This one of a kind relaxation manicure will mellow out and mood and bring you a place of calm and tranquility. This 75 minute therapeutic manicure includes all of the HI-BIO Help pharmaceutical grade CBD products from all three lines of FarmHouse Fresh, Glymed, and Barefoot *N* Bubbly. In addition to all of our manicure techniques, you will melt into tranquility with a therapeutic paraffin hand treatment as well as a relaxation massage to your tense neck and shoulder muscles

From 75

Express Pedicure (30 min)

Soak, shape, buff, scrub lotion your feet, and polish your nails

From 28

Sport Pedicure (45 min)

Soak, shape nails, remove cuticles, complete foot exfoliation, foot scrub, leg and foot massage, buff nails to a high shine (no polish)

From 45

Spa Pedicure (1 hour)

Soak, shape, buff, remove cuticles, perform a complete foot exfoliation, foot and leg scrub, cooling masque with hot towels, massage the legs and feet, and polish 

From 55

Specialty Deluxe Pedicure (1 hour, 15 minutes)

Soak, shape, buff, cuticle removal, complete foot exfoliation, scrub, leg and foot massage, paraffin treatment, hot towel masque, and polish

From 65

Children's Express Pedicure (15 min)

12 and under: soak, file, buff, foot scrub, lotion feet, and polish 

From 20

Happy Hippy Pedicure CBD 500 MG (90 min)

Hypnotize your soles with this therapeutic healing pedicure. This 90 minute therapeutic pedicure includes all of the HI-BIO Hemp pharmaceutical grade CBD products from all three lines farmhouse Fresh, Glymed, and Barefoot*N*Bubbly and is sure to bring you to a whimsical place of peace and relaxation. Your journey begins by soaking in rosemary-spearmint CBD infused bubbly water, and in addition to all of our super awesome pedicure techniques you will melt away with the extended foot and leg massage,

a therapeutic paraffin treatment, and a relaxing hand and arm massage

From 95

Hot Stone Pedicure (1 hour, 30 minutes)

Ease into a hot stone pedicure by soaking with essential oils. Then allow your provider to shape and buff nails, remove cuticles, provide complete foot exfoliation, massage the foot and leg with hot stones and oil, and polish

From 75

Foot Reflexology (45 min)

Make foot pain a thing of the past by booking a foot reflexology appointment. Soak for 15 minutes in peppermint essential oils and then receive a treatment that focuses on the problem areas of each individual foot. Finish the treatment with a deep tissue massage of the legs and feet

and an application of hot towels

From 45

Foot Massage 

Pamper yourself with a foot massage that includes a foot soak,

application of hot towels, and leg and foot massage

that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and better than ever

From 45

Ingrown file


OPI No Chip Manicure

*Previous No Chip removal is included if it was applied here and will be reapplied *

File and buff nails; cuticles; hand and arm massage

From 45

Soak Off

From 15

Acrylic Full Set

From 60

Acrylic Fill

From 40

Gel Full Set

From 70

Gel Fill

From 50/65

Silk Wrap Full Set

From 50

Silk Wrap Fill In

From 40


(acrylic/gel over natural nail)


Pink and Whites

From 70/80

Soak Off

(including paraffin)

From 25

No Chip Color Polish Remover On Acrylic

From 10

No Chip Color Polish Add-on to Acrylic

From 10

Shaping (ballet/stilletto nails)

From 12

Underbling Art

From 3 per nail

Underbling Polish



Nail Add-Ons



French Polish

Glycolic treatment

Nail Repair (per nail)

Nail Art (per nail/toe)